Start your next vacation or business trip with a hassle free, enjoyable ride to the airport. Limo Express serves all metropolitan area airports. Our staff will assure that you are transported safely and on time. Our dispatchers have around-the-clock communication with the chauffeurs and are constantly updating traffic reports and airline schedule changes.

For the business traveler, we offer curbside pickup which will alleviate your waiting at the airport. Just contact our 800 number when you arrive and indicate a meeting point at the arrival area. Within minutes our chauffeur will be there to transport you to your destination promptly and relaxed.


Luggage Services


luggageSkip baggage claim and other airport hassles.  Travel with ease when you ship it all to your destination and back home again.

  • Avoid long lines to check your bag at the airport.
  • Enjoy the convenience of not having to drag your bags at the airport.
  • Skip the long wait at baggage claim once you arrive.
  • Easy and convenient re-shipping

The following luggage services companies may save you time and add a great deal of convenience next time you fly:

With the new airline luggage fees in effect, it might actually be cheaper and definitely more convenient to ship your luggage the next time you fly.


Airline Baggage Fees: 

American Airlines:

Delta Airlines:

JetBlue Airways:

United Airlines:

US Airways: