You may know it as 30 Rock, by its original name, the RCA Building, or as “the Slab,” a reference to its limestone base. At 850 feet and 70 stories, the skyscraper that’s been officially known as the GE Building since 1988 is the thirteenth tallest in New York, and it still serves as the headquarters for NBC, one of the original tenants. This centerpiece of Rockefeller Center was completed in 1933, and its sleek Art Deco form has been one of the gems of the city’s skyline ever since. As imposing as the building is to look at from the plaza below, what’s even more fabulous is the view from the top, where the tri-level Top of the Rock attraction offers a peerless 360-degree vista of New York. It’s not all pretty views, however, there’s a lot of history behind this famous building and more than a few secrets lurk about.

The site of one of the 20th century’s most famous photos
You probably know the image: a group of construction workers nonchalantly eating lunch on a beam, feet dangling some 69 stories above the street. What you might not know is that the men showing off their nerves of steel were atop the RCA Building. The 1932 photograph has been credited to Charles C. Ebbets, then photographic director of Rockefeller Center, although researchers at Corbis Images, which now owns the glass negative, say its provenance is unknown. If you’d like to recreate the pose, the Top of the Rock has a beam of the same width that you can walk and sit on for a photo op — without risking the long drop to the ground.

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