Party hardy this year! Whether you’re into bar hopping, the club and lounge scene or enjoy romantic diners in a fancy riverside restaurant overlooking Manhattan skyline, visiting Hoboken is a must for you. Limo Express would gladly provide you and your guys, girls or the loved ones with reliable transportation and a designated driver for the night. Gift Certificates are available by calling 800.221.2345

Hoboken is the place to be with its happening nightlife, the city comes alive when everyone else sleeps. With bars, lounges and night clubs all along River Street, Washington Street and Park Avenue overlooking Manhattan across the beautiful Hudson, where else would you rather be? Best of all there is no crazy smoking restrictions that dampen the atmosphere in New York City and with various smoke and cigar bars you might enjoy a puff indoors with likeminded invididuals. The food is fantastic and ranges from seafood, stakes, raw sushi bar and of course martini lounges. Dance to the hottest DJ’s around spinning the newest beats.

Limo Express has been providing luxury limousine service to Hoboken for over twenty years. Its perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or just a night-on-the-town to celebrate any occasion imaginable. Remember that most bars and lounges provide admission to people of legal age: 21 and over, so keep that in mind when booking your limousine, however teen nights are common in some clubs. For couples wishing to spend a quiet romantic evening we offer our elite Mercedes-Benz S-class equipped with state of the art entertainment system, plush leather seating and privacy glass for your comfort and added style. Call us today to make your arrangements: 800.221.2345

Consider some of the following Hoboken places,

Pubs & Bars:

Bar at 10th & Willow
935 Willow St, Hoboken 201.653.2358

Black Bear
205 Washington St, Hoboken 201.604.1380

Buskers Bar & Grill
Corner of 1st & Bloomfield St, Hoboken 201.604.1380

Court Street Tavern
61 Sixth St, Hoboken 201.795.4515

616 Washington St, Hoboken 201.386.9464

The Dubliner
96 River St, Hoboken 201.656.7731

239 Bloomfield St, Hoboken 201.963.5512

Farside Bar
531 Washington St, Hoboken 201.963.7677

Green Rock Tap & Grill
70 Hudson St, Hoboken 201.386.5600

Hoboken Cigar Club
Hoboken 201.647.9444

Hobson’s Choice
77 Hudson Pl, Hoboken 201.420.0070

Liberty Bar & Grill
61-63 14th St, Hoboken 201.222.6322

Madison’s Bar & Grill
1316 Washington St, Hoboken 201.386.0300

1039 Washington St, Hoboken 201.653.1703

McMahon’s Brownstone Bar
1034 Willow Ave, Hoboken 201.798.5650

110 First St, Hoboken 201.798.6700

Mile Square
221 Washington St, Hoboken 201.798.4064

501 Garden St, Hoboken 201.795.2025

OddFellows Rest Louisiana Bar & Restaurant
80 River St, Hoboken 201.656.9009

O’Donoghues On First
205 1st St, Hoboken 201.798.7711

343 Park Ave, Hoboken 201.653.1492

600 Washington St, Hoboken 201.217.1512

S. Sullivan’s
734 Washington St, Hoboken 201.420.9849

Scotland Yard
72 Hudson St, Hoboken 201.222.9273

Shannon Lounge
106 First St, Hoboken 201.656.9820

Three A’s Olde Bar
500 Grand St, Hoboken 201.217.1650

Texas Arizona
76 River St, Hoboken 201.420.0304

Whiskey Bar
125 Washington St, Hoboken 201.963.3400

Willie McBrides
616 Grand St, Hoboken 201.610.1522


3 Forty Grill
340 Sinatra Dr, Hoboken 201.217.3406

City Bistro
56-58 14th St, Hoboken 201.963.8200

400 Adams St, Hoboken 201.217.1400

936 Park Ave, Hoboken 201.420.7989

Lounge 11
505 Madison St, Hoboken 201.792.2244

Lana Lounge
92 River St, Hoboken 201.656.8516

333 Washington St, Hoboken 201.795.9899

The Quays
310 Sinatra Dr, Hoboken 201.656.2521

Sky Bar (Gerrino’s)
96 River St, Hoboken 201.656.7731

Sushi Lounge
200 Hudson St, Hoboken 201.386.1117

230 Washington St, Hoboken 201.216.1550

1300 Park Ave, Hoboken 201.653.2583


Bahama Mamas
215 Washington St, Hoboken 201.217.1642

Bar None
84 Washington St, Hoboken 201.420.1112

Planet Hoboken
16 Hudson Place, Hoboken 201.653.6888