A traffic fine is just the start of what you’ll spend for a drunken driving charge and conviction according to a recent MSN Money article, starting from bail to towing charges and ending with the insurance rate hikes and a criminal record. The ride home could cost you as much if not more than $10,000 which begs a question why not let us drive you for a fraction of that price in comfort and style of a luxurious stretched limousine. Gift Cards are now also available for friends and loved ones that enjoy traveling as much as we do. Call us today to order or make reservations 800.221.2345

The primary reason for such steep penalties of course is to discourage people from driving drunk, and what a great concept that is. Why put yourself or others at risk? Considering over 40% of the U.S. automotive fatalities in 2005 resulted from DUI and the numbers for New York and New Jersey are just as bad at 36%. The statistics are staggering and the end result is ultimately the same: its just NOT worth it! Need more information check out the recent MSN Money article… DUI: The $10,000 ride home

Not convinced yet, consider these additional costs:

* $10 jail filing fee
* $78 Victim Assistance Fund payment
* $25 Victim Compensation Fund payment
* $90 Law Enforcement Assistance Fund payment
* $15 Brain Injury surcharge
* $25 Victim Impact Panel assessment
* etc.

Not to mention:

* $150 to $2,500 Bail
* $100 to $1,200 Towing
* $1,500+ Insurance Surcharges
* $2,000 to $25,000 Legal Fees
* $1,200+ Fines and Court Fees
* $350 to $2,000 Alcohol Education & Treatment
* $60 to $250 License Reinstatement Fees
* etc.

But we’re not done yet, consider the intangibles:

* Life Insurance Premium increase
* Lost Time = Lost Money
* Lose the License
* Lose a Job
* Loss of a Career – no drunks in the cockpit or ER
* Résumé killer – criminal record doesn’t sit well with employers

Now, Consider the Alternative:

We pick you up in a beautiful and luxurious Lincoln Town Car L-series or Mercedes-Benz S-class sedan, Chevy Suburban SUV, Ford TurtleTop Limo Van, or a beautiful Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limousine featuring privacy glass, bar, premium sound system, and plush leather seating surfaces. Our designated chauffeur is knowledgable in the area and will transport you worry free to and from the destination making any additional stops at your request. We utilize the latest in the state of the art technology from satelite linked flight tracking systems to our global positioning system navigation devices. So what are you waiting for, travel in style for a fraction of the cost and no hassles whatsoever; just call our customer service representatives for travel ideas and prices and be sure to make your reservations early as limos are booking quickly this holiday season… call toll free 800.221.2345

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Consider some of the services we specialize in:

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